Re:   Goodwin Drive, Barrie, Ontario

Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 5:24 PM
To: Vincent
Subject: Thank You

Hello to you both:
I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the level of support and customer service you have provided to me in the last two months.  From the washer, to the ants, to the furnace (it turns out when the PCO sprayed the chemicals - the furnace shot off automatically because it detected the cool is that?!), you guys have shown me a tremendous amount of support and have always been quick to react in solving the issue to ensure that my home is comfortable and functional. 
My family is in the real estate business (residential and commercial) so I understand how it is difficult to get to everyone in a timely fashion.  You have done an exemplary job.
Thank you so much - hopefully I wont have to call you again any time soon  :)

Audrey Manninen

 22 June 2012

RE: Blair Crescent

Good morning Vincent,

I came home last night and saw the improvements made to the inside of the house. I love how the living room looks now with the new flooring and shelf. The new paint on the walls makes the house look and feel a lot more comfortable and inviting. It is wonderful to finally see a property manager who genuinely cares for the property!