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Edition No. 001

January 2013                                                                  


The View From Here......

HouseKeeping 101

I would like to express the concerns of the landlord in regards the conditions of this property, and what is reasonably expected from any tenants residing at any of my properties.

It seems that some of our tenants expect other tenants, or the cleaners, to pick up their litter and garbage and clean up behind them wherever they go. There are no "children" residing at 68  Mary Street, and most of us adults are sickened by the laziness and disrespect demonstrated by the persons throwing litter on the floors, defacing emergency signs, tossing bags of garbage in the driveway instead of the waste bin and so on. For those people so inclined to live in squalor, seek help please. I have had many of our tenants voice their concerns and disbelief at the actions of a few.

Laundry Facilities

The coin laundry machines are owned by Coin-O-Matic.  The machines should be wiped clean after every use when you complete your laundry.  Should you lose money, or if a machine is not working for you, contact Coin-O-Matic at the toll free number provided in the laundry room.


Vehicles should be parked up against the back of the building whenever possible. If heavy snow is forecast overnight, it is essential that all vehicles be parked against the building to permit ease of snowclearing.  Any vehicle parked at the rear of the parking lot may very well be blocked with plowed snow that will require the owner to shovel to move the vehicle.


Each tenant is responsible for maintaining their unit in a reasonable state of cleanliness. Recyle and garbage bins are a mere 50 feet or so away from the entrance. Having garbage and recycle material collect in your unit for days and weeks, is unacceptable by any standards and attracts cockroaches and other pests. Contractors, and management staff, should not be expected to come into your unit to do work or inspections in unsanitary conditions. Quite frankly, it is offensive and very unnecessary in such small units.